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2007_Virage_Red   2007 Virage Bordeaux Blend
2008_Virage_Blend   2008 Virage Bordeaux Blend - 375ml
2010_Virage_Red   2010 Virage Bordeaux Blend
2010_VIRAGE_ROSE   2010 Virage Rose
2011_Virage_Blend   2011 Virage Bordeaux Blend
2011_VIRAGE_ROSE   2011 Virage Rose
2012_BQT   2012 BOURRIQUOT
2012_Virage_BS   2012 Virage Barrel Select - 750ml
2012_Virage_Blend   2012 Virage Bordeaux Blend
2012_VIRAGE_ROSE   2012 Virage Dry Rose
2013_VIRAGE_ROSE   2013 Virage Dry Rose
2014_VIRAGE_ROSE   2014 Virage Dry Rose
2015_VIRAGE_ROSE   2015 Virage Dry Rose
2016_VIRAGE_ROSE   2016 Virage Dry Rose' of Cabernet Franc
Full-Case   Case Club
BD12PKE   Emily's Case
Magnum   Hand-etched Magnum - 1.5L
BD3PKV   Library Vertical 3Pak
12PAK   Red Vertical 12PK
BD6RS   Rose 6PK
BD12RS   Screaming Deal Rose Case

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