Our winery is a proud member of the Napa Valley Vintners, an organization committed to the future of the Napa Valley through the preservation and enhancement of its land, wine and community.

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SHIPPING NOTE: Unless otherwise requested, we ship on Mondays to ensure wine doesn't overheat--or freeze--in a warehouse over a weekend. During particularly hot, or cold, weather, shipments will be held to protect your wine. Specific shipping needs can be noted on the NEXT PAGE. Virage enjoys discounted FedEx shipping rates through the Wine Institute; we pass that pricing straight to you with no fee for the packaging and shipping cartons. Please ship to a business address when possible for best pricing and to ensure an adult available to sign for delivery. We don't want a full day on the local delivery truck! PREFERRED SHIPPING DESTINATION for wine safety is your local FedEx Office if another business address not an option. Please note: after a long journey, red wines appreciate a good week to settle down and show their best.

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