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55F Members Vertical Case 12PK
Price $596.80

(2) x The Vertical of Red Blends 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012
Plus (2) x 2012 BARREL SELECT

2012 Virage Barrel Select - 750ml
Bottle Price $85.00 LIMITED SUPPLY

94 by Wine Enthusiast! The Barrel Select is something special we do only occasionally.... This 2012 bottling celebrates the deep chocolatey richness of a favorite hillside site. Of the nine barrels produced from this block, the other eight are playing a major role in the *regular* 2012 blend, while these precious 60 gallons--aged over two years in French oak (a fave barrel), went straight to bottle, unfiltered. Sold only direct from the winery. Dark, mineral-rich fruit and serious chocolate with with a dense and chewy structure. All this packed into 13.9% alcohol. Absolutely ready to drink. Grab a fine, aged cheese and a good friend. Just 22 cases produced.
2008 Virage Barrel Select - 750ml
Bottle Price $72.00 SOLD OUT

This special 2-barrel lot was selected by the winery team for a separate bottling, after aging 29 months in 100% new Saury barrels.  Sold direct from the winery only, this blend reveals a perfect marriage of smooth, dark, mineral-rich fruit flavors with the very smooth silken texture and sasparilla flavors of these pretty barrels.  Ready to drink.  Just 42 cases produced.
2012 Virage Bordeaux Blend
Single Bottle Price $68.00

Maybe the best Virage blend yet... Intense aromas of mocha, cedar and cassis pull you into a core of melting pomegranate molasses. Succulent, intoxicating bitters and mouthwatering minerality, the wine's acidity gives a sense of motion--flavors playing across your palate like a movie. A time-release finish that truly does not quit. This wine captures your attention. Built to drink immediately on release--blended in early 2014, aged a total of 26 months in barrel, then a year of bottle age. Truly pop and pour, no waiting/decanting required. Did I mention the endless finish? I'm so in love with this wine.

14.4% alcohol, ripe without fat. Only 322 cases of 2012 Virage was bottled, less than half of the wine available for blending; we truly shot for the moon here.
Virage 2007
2007 Virage Bordeaux Blend
Bottle Price $60.00

Our first release, Wine Enthusiast 92 pts and a Wine & Spirits YEARS BEST, Cabernet Franc leads this layered, complex Bordeaux-style blend.  Expressive aromatics introduce rich pomegranate and black cherry mingling with graphite, fine tobacco, and a savory minerality reminiscent of a Right-Bank Bordeaux.  With time in decanter, this built-to-age blend gains further weight and depth, developing an exquisite plushy texture and layers of deep black-fruit flavors, with espresso and bittersweet cocoa lingering on a mouthwatering finish.  A special and complex wine which, like a great conversation, continues to evolve over the course of a relaxed dinner.  Drink now or continue to cellar many years.  912 cases produced.
2011 Virage Bordeaux Blend
Bottle Price $54.00

Concentrated fruit, complexity and elegance in 13.6% alcohol. Now THAT's Bordeaux style.... Rich stone fruit flavors laced with signature Virage minerality. This 2011 growing season was especially cool for Napa Valley, but then it's always cool in Carneros (save for those two insane heat spikes late season 2010). Unforgiving rains at harvest made for tremendous extra work sorting grapes both in the field and at the winery, but gratefully we achieved optimal ripeness after a good long hangtime. Being a small producer, friends came along and we literally shook every vine ahead of the picking crew to drop out berries ravaged by botrytis--and then sorted some more on the table at the winery. Way too easy to drink right out of the bottle with no decant needed, but gains complexity and depth with oxygen. This is still a baby. Tasting in winter 2015/2016, it's literally still improving at 3-4 days open.
481 cases produced. 92 by W&S!! Beautiful review by WE - see our *PRESS* page. Silver Medal at the SF Chronicle Tasting. And a W&S YEARS' BEST!
2010 Virage Bordeaux Blend
Bottle Price $54.00

A dense, rich wine that evokes holidays and celebration. This is a winter warmer, offering heady aromatics of roasted black plum and black cherry layered with dark chocolate, subtle baking spices, and toasted almond. From our same cool-climate sources, about a third from nearby Hyde Vineyards, yet a slightly 'riper' wine than the prior vintages. The bottle reads "Rutherford" on the back label from blending and bottling with our friends at Alpha Omega Winery. A big wine at nearly 15% alcohol, but as always, balanced by natural acidity, giving that wonderful mouth-watering finish. This riper vintage shows the impact of a couple severe heat strikes (105-110F, even in Carneros) after the long cool growing season of 2010. Once this determined winemaker (yeah, me) spent literally two straight weeks snipping away, by hand, the sunburn & raisins, we all get to bask in the 'hearts' of those clusters and enjoy the warming glow of that added layer of ripeness. A beautiful finish of fruit-laced bittersweet chocolate. Seriously tastes like Christmas in the glass. 622 cases produced. Best served at 65F.
2008 Virage Bordeaux Blend
Bottle Price $52.00

A smooth crowd pleaser, Cabernet Franc and Merlot blended in Right Bank Bordeaux style. 2016 finds this wine drinking beautifully. Bosky black cherry laced with anise, leather and chocolate. Lovely straight out of the bottle, yet continues to evolve through the second day, fattens and deepens a bit, bringing out more dark-roasted coffee and focused chocolate notes. Mid-weight and seamless, this is our favorite restaurant wine--it works with everyone's order. Lovely balance: a little fruit, a little savory, and a lot smooth. Lighter weight works with lighter meals, yet dark flavors complement lamb, grilled and roast meats. Delicious with pork roast, herbed chicken... A favorite at the 'pumpkin patch' BBQ in Napa. Grown in cooler-climate Carneros hillsides, this blend shows why I call Cabernet Franc "the Pinot Lover's Bordeaux." Smooth texture with savory flavors like a good pinot noir--but a little more oomph... Cheers!
2014 Virage Dry Rose
Bottle Price $26.00

Bracing, direct-pressed rosé packs a punch of flavor--tangerine, passionfruit, and big ruby grapefruit with signature Virage minerality. A particularly zesty, mouthwatering finish. As always, we grow cabernet franc specifically for rosé, timing the harvest to capture natural crisp acids and the bright orange-pink fruit character we love in dry rosé. After destemming, the crushed grapes macerated a few hours to extract a bit of color and aromatic nuance from the skins before separating the juice to ferment completely dry in cooled stainless. Virage Rosé fans will find this vintage similar to 2012 in weight and flavor intensity. We picked wee riper than the very delicate 2013 vintage, ironically at the guidance of a French winemaking consultant newly arrived in Napa from Provence! 465 cases produced. NOTE: Still young, this rosé benefits from aerating to open up the fruit and full complex of flavors. (Jan2016: I still prefer mine the second day open!)
2013 Virage Dry Rose
Bottle Price $26.00 SOLD OUT

WE Best of Year! Capturing the essence of Southern French rosé with our fourth vintage, the 2013 Virage is sheer, delicate and delightful. Aging on the lees brought out chalky, mineral aromas similar to a sparkling brut rosé. This wine is bone dry, clean and refreshing, with a polished satin texture. White peach, guava and melon and delicate minerality. Perfect for brunch, lunch and first courses year-round. Pair fearlessly with delicate seafood--sashimi, ceviche, freshly-shucked oysters. Amazing with crab. 420 cases produced.